Henry Macrory
Conservative Party Head of Press & Media (2005-2010)
Downing Street Head of Political Press (2010-2011)

Stephen managed the Yorkshire and North West press work and was especially skilful in organising press for Shadow Cabinet tours, mitigating crises and otherwise helping generate positive media coverage for the Conservative Party across the region, making sure they developed and maintained a positive public profile.

Throughout every one of his regular duties and the many urgent requests we put to him, Stephen maintained a positive attitude while operating under tight deadlines. He is a fantastic manager and always takes the initiative, asks smart questions and thinks about the best way to get something done. In short, Stephen is a pleasure to work with.


Stefanie Hopkins
Faith PR Owner & PR Director

Stephen is a highly competent, conscientious and ambitious communications professional with a first class understanding of how the media works.

He has the ability to target a news desk with a great story and is an excellent broadcaster in his own right. His engaging approach is coupled with a sharp sense of humour. He is a great person to work with and will always deliver; his clients’ needs come first and he is prepared to go the extra mile to achieve the desired results.


Jane Moulson
Yorkshire Jets Franchise Director

In the short space of six months, Stephen’s work has had a huge impact on the profile of Yorkshire Jets, and netball generally in both women’s and men’s sports. His use of social media, regular press releases and the development of key sporting partnerships has helped Yorkshire Jets reach a much wider audience, and has ensured that our matches are now sell outs! We have been able to welcome many new supporters, and introduce them to our amazing sport.

Our players now enjoy local celebrity status, regularly appearing on Sky TV, in local newspapers and as guests at a variety of sporting events, particularly those promoting youth involvement in sport.

Netball in Yorkshire continues to grow and grow and there is no doubt that Stephen has made a huge contribution to this success. We look forward to Stephen’s continued involvement with Yorkshire Jets and his positive, supportive and imaginative input.


Natalie Hughes
Conservative Party Press Officer for the North West (2009-2010)

As the linchpin of the regional press team, Stephen was a total professional. Well organised, knowledgeable and calm in a crisis. An asset to any team and a pleasure to work with.